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read to me

I see it every week.  An “out of sorts” child arrives at Play Shoppe not quite ready to face the world and his/her parent intuitively knows what will work – a book and a lap.

The emotional connection that happens within the security and coziness of a parent’s arms,  the shared distraction of the pictures on the page and the sounds of the words spoken, help to ground both child and parent.

Most of us know the value of reading aloud to our children, in addition to the connection factor.  Raising a child who becomes a lifetime reader happens by sharing your love of books and reading together throughout childhood from infancy on.

Squeeze reading in each and every day – even if you have to let something else go.  It’s that significant.  And wonderful books abound at libraries in our community.   Make the libraries a familiar place for you and your child.

In this day and age of unpredictable events that change people’s and country’s lives in an instant, let’s hold on to the simplest of pleasures ever a parent can offer –  imagination, affirmation, resilience and trust – all between the covers of a beloved book.

“There is no app to replace your lap.  Read to your child.”











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