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One of my favorite things to do is to make and send a box of my homemade cookies in the mail.  I pick the most appealing ones from the bunch – nestle them in together, nice and tight, but not too tight to make them crumble – then cover them up, address the box and off they go.

S.W.A.K.sealed with a kiss.

There’s something about the process of baking – combining raw ingredients, stirring and mixing, rolling, placing this unbaked dough in neat little rolls on the cookie sheet and 15 minutes later, there they are – beautiful cookies.

But sometimes there’s a glitch.

There has been times earlier on before I refined my process that the cookies had crumbled in transit.  It wasn’t the cookies fault.

I needed to work on my packaging skills.

Of course, there have also been a few times when I forgot an important ingredient, say the chocolate chips, or the baking powder.  Baking cookies takes focus and paying attention to what’s essential so my mistakes were chalked up to another learning experience.

But when the cookies come out golden brown, homemade goodness right before my eyes, it’s worth the time and the cozy love – packed into each one.

And so … for all of us as parents, as we strive to create a special holiday experience for our families – keep focused on what’s really needed, what comes from the heart, what feels good to you and for your family.

Accept the occasional crumbles and mistakes and enjoy the process together.


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