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in your face

2016 – the start of a new year – the days, the weeks, the months lie ahead of us with promise, surprise and new beginnings.

Everywhere we look-  on-the web, newspapers, magazines, television – the topics are the same.  What are your New Year’s Resolutions – stress-free living,  more exercise, weight loss, no more yelling, being a perfect parent, having a cleaner house?

Sometimes the bombardment of suggestions and advice make it all sound so easy –  but we know better.  They sound so perfect yet we know better.

Yesterday walking along the river at Riverside Park, the sun was shining, the snow still pristine –  it was a beautiful day.  But the wind that blew in your face was strong and cold.

It was so right in your face – just like so many things can be in the  complex world of parenting.

We talked about the wind, my husband and I, as we walked along.  I said if we just let ourselves feel the wind, don’t stiffen up and fight the wind, but meet it full on – embrace it, head right on into it, something changes.

Yes – it’s still freezing, it still might sting, but by expecting it and accepting it for what it is, perhaps adjusting your hood or zipping up your collar, it becomes just a part of the beautiful blue sky, sunshine and pristine snow – not the whole thing.

So that’s what my new year’s resolution will be,  and one I believe can match any of the resolutions that strive for perfection.

It’s to embrace the imperfections and in- your- face- obstacles that might happen in our everyday family/parenting/work lives, while recognizing, appreciating and accepting the brightness, clarity and warmth that shines through too.

The Parenting Place invites you to join a Discussion Circle on  Thursday, January 21st, from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM at The Parenting Place in La Crosse.  We’ll try and discover and share ways we might bring more simplicity and ease into our family lives.  Pre-registration is necessary. Call 784-8125 to register.   Limited child care is available for children who are independent walkers and older; babies are welcome in our circle. 

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