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soul fever

Kris John Payne, author of Simplicity ParentingUsing the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids  talks about soul fever.

Soul fever – I love that expression.

But what is it?

When a child (or even an adult) begins to display outbursts, frequent temper tantrums, frustrations,emotional meltdowns, aggressiveness, anger on a daily basis, he/she may be suffering from soul fever.

So is there a cure for this soul fever?  What’s a parent to do?

Payne says it’s easy to miss the diagnosis of soul fever at first – but soul fever lingers and becomes more acute if left misunderstood.

So to understand soul fever is to first notice it  and accept it for what it is –  and then,  treat it just as you would treat a physical fever.  The answer is to stop – take a break –  provide downtime – quiet attention – rest and restore.

Good advice for all of us at times.

Two parents this past week expressed concerns about new behavior in their children.  Both children were acting out with anger, aggressiveness, meltdowns, resistance. The parents wondered what was going on.

Upon reflection, I realized that both of these young boys could be having a bout of soul fever.

In recent months both families had experienced big changes in their lives, new siblings added, disrupted schedules along with the busy energy drain of caring for newborns, holidays, travel and being out of ones regular routine – yet not quite being ready to be in their ordinary routine either.

With soul fever, it’s all about slowing down, connecting on a quiet level, offering a calmer supportive environment for the child to feel held, to rejuvenate.

Time – to let our souls catch up.

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