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On Friday I attended the memorial service of my next-door neighbor, Darlene, who passed away one week ago.

Darlene was a very involved grandmother who brought her two granddaughters to The Parenting Place’s parent/child activities through the years, and had just begun attending again with the newest granddaughter addition.

There were many that came to pay their respects to Darlene.  There were beautiful flowers, inspiring music, and one of Darlene’s sons shared heart-warming memories of his mom.

But what really resonated for me the most was to hear the eulogy given by the other grandmother of the two granddaughters, ages eight and four, honoring Darlene and sharing how very special she was in all of their lives.

There was such genuine appreciation, gratefulness, affection, humor, and sincerity in her words and her beautiful reflections on Darlene as a grandmother.

You could feel the respect that had flowed between these two grandmothers.  There seemed to be no tug of war or vying to be the favorite grandma here.  These were two women loving their granddaughters and embracing one another in the cause.

What a heart-warming and beautifully trusting bond apparent between them, what a tribute shared with Darlene’s family and friends, and what a legacy of love delivered to the two young granddaughters about their “Grammy Darlene”.

True grace.

You will be missed, Darlene.

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