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my new mantra

Now that I’m at home – nursing my “new hip”, after falling on the ice a few weeks ago, I have a new mantra to embrace.

“Up with the good”“down with the bad” is the message I need to remember as I face steps and obstacles on my way.

Step up with my “good” hip – step down with my “bad” hip.

It works!

I believe this might also work as a perfect mantra as we parent our children – or nurture any relationship.  Let’s “up” our positive acknowledgement and response when our children are cooperating, being helpful, generous, agreeable.

Let’s notice.

All too often, when dealing with our children, it’s the annoying behavior, the nagging, the whining, the frustrating actions that get in our face, and thus, most of our attention – our negative attention.

So try my new mantra with me – “up with the good” – “down with the bad”.  Sincerely acknowledge and respond, play “up” when your child is showing you his positive side. Play “down” your response to her uncooperative side.

That way we’ll all grow stronger together.

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