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a kiss

Most of us can probably remember a first time we were kissed – by someone very special to us.  There’s something significant about the anticipation of this particular kiss, that takes your breath away.

This type of kiss does not happen very often.  It’s usually at the beginning of a very meaningful relationship.  It’s not the quick peck of a good friend you haven’t seen in a long while, or even the rushed breeze of a kiss to our loved ones as we zoom out the door.

This past week I received one of these beautiful kisses – as my 18-month-old grandson, all shiny clean from his bath, dressed in his cozy pajamas, came to say goodnight.

As he leaned toward me, I felt his soft, tender lips on my cheek – and, Bingo – it took my breath away.

This was a generous kiss – not one that was begged or bargained for.  This was a genuine kiss I will remember, as Theo and I continue on our long relationship together.

Some things we take for granted.

But, here’s wishing all of you the recognition of the things in your life – perhaps the kisses in your life, that you don’t take for granted – that take your breath away.


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