children will listen

Children will listen -a beautiful song from the past, sung by Barbra Streisand, sneaked into my mind this past week.

You might be able to guess why.

Children will mimic, children will remember, children will look to you for which way to turn.

Without showing support for any person on either side, I feel I can more than safely say that the tone and the rhetoric of the present day political campaigns are far from what we  want modeled for our children.

I’ve had several friends tell me that their children are questioning why everyone on TV is “always yelling and shouting“.


Bullying in our schools, communities and on line is one of the biggest problems we face for our school-age children.  Across the country, parents and educators are working earnestly to raise the level of dialogue between children and their relationships and to promote acceptance of those different from us.

I believe all of us recognize the significance of these efforts for our children.

So, as parents, its got to be up to us to limit the exposure to this other type of negative modeling and, instead, tell children, in our own words, about the candidates we might be supporting and why.

And if our children are asking about the negative exchanges they might have heard … well…to be honest … sometimes even adults make poor choices.






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