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Thank you

Sometimes things just get accomplished quietly, quickly, without a lot of fanfare. Sometimes there’s a person who knows how to organize, to pull things together, to get the job done.

Sometimes that person just does it – without seeking attention.

I know a person like that.  The Parenting Place knows a person like that.

Julee Katonah, site manager and Parent Educator at The Parenting Place in Tomah has built connections with and for families and community organizations over the years. This caring energy and responsiveness to families and their needs has made Julee a household name in Tomah.

And that’s why Julee will be missed by all of us at The Parenting Place – here in La Crosse, in Sparta, and most especially in Tomah as she pursues and shares her talents at her new job.

Julee is the type of person who might just like to slip away without a lot of attention.  But, I get to say we noticed, Julee – we appreciated, we will miss you, and we all wish you the very best.

Thank you, Julee.

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