Daddy …. shoulder

A shoulder to lean on – to fall asleep on – how sweet is that!

A dad recently shared that from the time his son was a tiny infant, he would fall peacefully asleep, holding him on his shoulder.

Now even at just-turned-three-years-old, when this little guy needs to connect, to be comforted, to be reassured, he says, “Daddy … shoulder.

Oh that we could all know and ask so purely for what we need, what would help us when things pile up, in times of stress, when we could use a hug.

I know – we pride ourselves on our independence and self-reliance.  We think we should be able to do this on our own – we are reluctant to say “you know what I need?”

But I think we can learn a lot from this little three-year-old boy … who at one moment is exploring and displaying his own independent spirit, and the next is saying, “Daddy ...shoulder”.

Maybe we can begin to pay attention when the people in our lives say “Can I help?”, “What do you need?, “Let me know if you need anything”.

Maybe we can begin to listen – and realize – “Oh, – my -wow –  there’s a shoulder for me to lean on”.

Try it.




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