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A Hallmark moment – a cliche we’ve all become familiar with – a moment that captures your emotions, takes your breath away,  and you feel “all’s right with the world”.

At Play Shoppe on Friday morning,  our tiny but earnest group of all little boys, carrying baskets, charmingly  greeted and adorned our friends at Bethany St. Joseph’s Care Center with multiple paper flowers each.

A moment so sweet – so definitely a Hallmark moment.

Later on that morning, at Seminary Park, where we had gone to run, climb and play – it happened again.

Two little boys were running up and down the play structure, climbing up and zooming down the slide. Sounds pretty ordinary.  But one of the little guys was more agile –  the youngest of two brothers, used to keeping up with his older sibling.  For the other little boy, a watchful observer, this was a new experience.

So … the faster little boy would hold his hand out to his new friend, help him up the different levels of the play structure, hold hands as they flew down the side by side slides and then –  start all over again.

No adult was encouraging this gesture of friendship – it just happened – naturally. And the mutual feeling of friendship was obvious.

I can’t help but think that the sharing and kindness between these two boys on the climbing structure reflected the sharing and kindness displayed at the Care Center – that they are somehow connected.

And that’s why, for so many years, The Parenting Place Play Shoppe continues to visit and greet the older residents at Bethany St. Joseph’s.

For when we begin to reach out to others, to share and help, it plants a seed within and offers a hand to another new friend.




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