The Marsh was alive with the sound of families.

That’s the way it often is when we walk in the La Crosse Marsh on a Sunday – and this Sunday morning was perfect for all to be out.

From groups of family members and friends joining together in The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia  (one grandmother sharing she was walking in memory of her grandson): to young families pushing strollers and wearing babies; toddlers on shoulder rides; canine family members, some still wet from a swim; school-aged children running on ahead; elderly folks with canes walking carefully; the pensive lone walker perhaps finding his own peace; the young couple holding hands, sharing a quiet intimacy; two young teens, energetic and fast on their skateboards; a lone dad pushing his infant son while he napped- this was for me a celebration across the continuum of life.

And amidst all of this, the natural world joined in, alive in all its splendor – there to be seen for the watchful eye.Turtles galore – sunning themselves on logs, with their necks stretched high; egrets majestic, standing motionless; a family of ducks – the mama, the papa, and seven ducklings gliding quietly along the shore; a quick and mysterious “plop” in the water too quick to know what lurked beneath; an eagle circling grandly overhead.

Why is any of this so special?

I can only speak for myself, but family, (however one defines it) and nature is such a shared experience, and to witness it in all its varying stages – and species – and emotions, is to feel the significance of what it means to be alive.

An  ordinary day – and seeing the extraordinary in it.  A gift I am grateful for.

What can you see as extraordinary in your ordinary day?


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