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I can’t say enough about how significant routine is in a child’s life – how predictability and secure connections enable a child to understand and appreciate his/her day.

As parents, we pretty much know what we plan to do for the day – at least what we hope to do for the day.   But, how about our children?  The busier our day, usually the less time we have to inform our little ones and the faster we move.

And so as we adults soothe ourselves by checking our phones and watches and schedules, we zoom through the day, feeling on task, yet often unaware of our sometimes bewildered children tagging behind.

Letting a child in on the plan for his/her day, most especially when not a routine day, gives these young ones a sense of security – that all is right with the world – their world.

Granted infants and young children will not understand all the words –   but the sound of your voice, the assurance of your voice, is their assurance that all is okay, all will be well.

At this time of year, especially, when routines are in transit, vacations planned, company coming, this simple exchange a parent offers can help relieve tensions and fears and even behaviors that often the anxiety of not knowing can bring on.

And bonus – by doing this with your child(ren), by speaking the words aloud, it can also benefit you, provide you with a sense of order of the day ahead – one that can be faced and welcomed – together.

So…what’s your day like today?

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