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While on my recent trek to my childhood hometown, Sag Harbor, on the very eastern shore of Long Island, New York, I visited the lovely beach I went to as a child.

To my delight, it remained unchanged – and the years peeled away as I waded in the water and collected sea shells on the beach.

This past weekend I finally got around to sorting out my collected shells.  As I reached in and took each shell out of my bag, I realized it wasn’t that every shell was a different kind of shell, but that each shell was unique – in size, shape, feel and hue – each one very special.

And as I sorted through, my thoughts wandered to the horrific scenes of the recent shooting in Orlando – young people in the prime of their life –  also unique in size, shape,feel and hue –gone.

As parents, our children need us to nurture and value these differences in them – the personalities that flavor our families, that make our world exceptional.

As parents, we need to deliver that message of love and support to our children – loud and clear – to our friends, to our community, that we welcome and appreciate diversity in our lives.

For like my sea shells, each of us is beautiful in our own uniqueness.

               Remembering those who died and all who suffered in Orlando.

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