Summer – it’s a heady time of year!

There’s much going on and the weather is fine – so schedules be gone – let’s do it!

Except –

Hearing from parents conflicted about too late bedtimes for their little ones – resulting in too many cranky, dis-regulated children.

Hearing from parents expressing concern about too many activities, too much to choose from – children over-stimulated, not listening well, wild.

So –

A little bit of being off-schedule for your family goes a long way.  Young children focus and thrive best when they know what to expect – when predictability is strong and comforting – when routines are present.

But –

We already know this – so how do we deal with too many options, too many obligations to choose from?

Well –

Don’t take on more than your family and you can handle.  Less is often more.  Turn down an invite or two just to hang out at home – run through the sprinkler, lie in the hammock and read together,  dig in the sandbox.  Let the day stretch ahead with no particular agenda.

Let the children feel the peacefulness, let everyone feel the pause.

Because, as much as we want to be part of what’s happening, to take advantage of every opportunity for our families, the truth is – children fare best in their own time zone, no matter where they live – C.S.T. – Children’s Standard Time.

And in C.S.T., children find their play, their peace and their pace.

Embrace it.

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