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As parents we are often surprised to hear our own words coming out of the mouths of our children.

Sometimes these words are cute, hilarious, entertaining in a fashion – sometimes embarrassing, sometimes shocking.  However, one thing we can guarantee is that little ears are listening to what we say to them  – and to and about others – and these words will spill out in often the most appropriate or inappropriate moment.

This past week, on the national news, I listened to a haunting recording of a 4-year-old little girl comforting her mama who was hysterically grieving at the sudden death of her boyfriend.

The little girl, in her car seat in the back of the car, had witnessed the crisis situation ongoing in the front seat.  But it was when she heard her mama’s unbearable grief that the words of comfort came out of her mouth – repeating them to her mama –  as most likely, at sad or scary times –  she had heard them repeated to her, over her four short years.

“It’s okay – it’s okay – I’m here with you Mommy.”

“It’s okay – it’s okay – I’m here with you Mommy.”

The words we choose to share and say to our children become who they are, become what they believe, become what they can offer to the world.

And this little girl, helpless to do anything else, remembered them, spoke them in hopes they could work the magic that happened when those same words were spoken to her.

“It’s okay – it’s okay – I’m here with you Mommy.”

Blessings to this little girl with the loving heart and the huge emotions, and the right words.


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