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a magical world

A little boy – not quite three years old – played in the yard as the adults around him chatted.

And when one sees small pieces of bark and twigs in the grass, one sees boats – when you’re almost three – and your imagination is rich.

He brought the first little “boat” alongside the house to an empty planter he discovered.  On his way back, he announced that the little boat “misses his family”, so that began the one-by-one migration  of all the boats to join the others.

Now they were a family – a together family.

He was pleased.  Yet something was missing.  This young boy  knew about boats –  and when you have boats, you need to ask for some water, of course!

And then as we watched the boats floating in the water, I was unable to resist.  My own imagination kicked in.  I picked a leaf off a nearby plant.  How about a sail?

His look was priceless – as he waited expectantly for me to fasten the stem (I mean the sail) in a very primitive but very acceptable manner.

Watching this little guy play, watching the satisfaction and joy on his face as he carried out the “story” in his head – energized me, gave me hope.

Maybe we can be saved from the world of Pokemon Go.

Maybe, just maybe, the magical world can be our own.

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