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a ribbon

A ribbon – sometimes that’s all it takes to win a child’s attention.

That’s the way it was at Play Shoppe on Friday when a little girl arrived carrying a ribbon – about two feet long – a pretty, silky ribbon that sailed and fluttered behind her when she ran.  This ribbon was definitely coveted by others who hoped to have a chance to hold it in their hands.

I don’t question its attraction for one minute.  This ribbon, I believe, could be or do whatever this young girl imagined.

And actually it didn’t really even have to do anything at all, but just be hers – to hold, to touch, to be.

Oh simplicity – I love thee!

And nothing makes me happier to know that something as simple as a piece of silky ribbon can still be all a child needs –  to imagine, to dream, and to play.

Thanks, Zoey, for the lovely reminder.

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