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where play happens

Where play happens … that’s our by-line for The Parenting Place’s annual Children’s Festival.

And we’re sticking with it.

For every year at the Festival, we marvel at the beauty and engagement of children immersed in simple, hands-on play.

In this digitized generation that is now – with toy smart phones, computer games, technological toys that talk and sing and direct – the significance of hands-on play is often overlooked. Yet scientific research continues to show us that it is simple, basic play that makes children smarter and more creative.


And the reassuring part for me is that the children always respond.  Play is absolutely alive and well – when children are presented with the raw materials and the freedom to imagine and indulge.

From dirt, sand, water, paint, “junk materials”, pretend worlds, the children play.

And The Parenting Place Children’s Festival by-line, where play happens – rings true.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at this year’s Festival.

Keep on playing.




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