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new beginnings

I remember going to Kindergarten on my very first day.  My two older sisters walked me to school and dropped me off at the Kindergarten room.  They found a seat for me at a table next to another little girl named Claudia (who actually became my closest childhood friend).

And that was that.

As the youngest of six children, I don’t know if my mom felt pure relief to send her last child off to school, or a bit melancholy at the thought. But sharing with many parents this past few weeks, I doubt many moms and dads are free from at least some tug at their heartstrings as their children begin this next chapter of their life.

School always brings changes to routines that need to be worked out.  Summer seems endless – until all of a sudden it’s not.  And often too abruptly, bedtimes need to be adjusted, schedules re-evaluated, and often strong emotions tended to.

Parents are often frustrated that their children don’t respond to their questions about school.  “What did you do today?”  “Who did you sit with at lunch?” “What did you play at recess?”  “What was your favorite thing to do?” 

We’re dying to know, aren’t we?  But your child, instead, mumbles “nothing” or “I don’t know”.

Best to hold off on the 20-question game and instead- assume all is good, welcome them home warmly, be genuinely happy to see them, smile – all without interrogation.

When your child has switched gears and made sufficient re-entry into family life, when they’re soaking in the tub, having quiet time at night, then …listen.

Then …they may be ready to share.

On Tuesday, September 20th from 6-7:30 PM, The Parenting Place is holding a Parents’ Circle – and we’ll be ready to share! 

“What school again? Do I have to?” If school has begun to already lose its first- day appeal, or you’re dealing with other issues like dawdling, separation, homework, bedtimes,friendships, come join our discussion. 

Registration required. Limited childcare available.  Call Fran at The Parenting Place for more information – 784-8125.



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