Bye Bye

In last week’s Parent Pulse, I reflected on the over-use of today’s technology in the presence of family time – when our children need us to be more present with them.

In my young parenting days, however, it was the telephone that was the culprit – and the bait.

When a parent was on the telephone, ( at that time usually hooked to one’s kitchen wall), that’s when you could almost always count on a child acting out, needing attention, wanting to be noticed.

Today I was talking on the phone with our son.

His toddler son, Theo, was in the room playing and talking happily by himself.  He had come to the phone and said, “Hi Yia Yia, (his name for me) and then ran off.  I was impressed by his patience, his nonchalant attitude about his daddy being so preoccupied on the phone.

But then I heard him in the background repeatedly saying “Bye Bye”,”Bye Bye” in a very melodic tone.

When his daddy asked him “Who’s going bye, bye?”, Theo readily said “Yia Yia!”

Okay, hint, hint – pretty subtle but I got it.

I knew it was time for me to move along, and time for Theo to know his dad was once again present.

Bye Bye!


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