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books on the bus

I heard a great true story recently that put a smile on my face and hope in my heart.Because it was about children reading books – devouring books – loving books.

And where?

On their school bus!

Exactly!  A retired farmer turned school bus driver in Door County, WI realized most of his passengers had quite a long ride on his rural bus route before arriving at school. There was not much to do besides be loud and raucous.

So this ingenious problem solver brought in some books for kids to look at – all kinds of children’s books.  And guess what?

The children loved them – wanted more.  Book drives were started and the books poured in – and the children read. All the children read – little children read to big children who read to little children and all read to themselves.

Pretty soon all the buses in this Door County area had books on them.  Special pouches were designed on the back of each seat to hold the books.

Don’t you just love the idea?  Don’t you just love that nobody decided showing a video would be better?

I won’t say “I told you so” but I am thinking it. Because I believe and I know that if we surround our children with books in our everyday life, not just in reading class – and actually give them the time to read them – they will read them – and love them.

Books on the bus – what a great idea!


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