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early darkness

I know … gone…almost overnight, it seems…the lazy after-dinner-walks, bike rides, concerts,cookouts, visiting with neighbors that summer evenings bring.

Now we find ourselves closing blinds, changing into our “cozies”, preparing for a night at home earlier and earlier. And I understand  most people regret this time of year.

But I for one welcome the balance it provides in our lives.

For now we do different things with our time – our personal time, our family time. We read more, we talk more, we bake more, we connect more intimately with one another – drawing closer during the chilly days of early winter’s approach.

In our busy go-go world, thanks to Mother Nature for dimming the lights and the north wind whispering “slow down”.

And so our schedules and routines do just that.

And even the die-hard lover of summer succumbs to the lure of a cozy winter night.

This gift of warmth, of comfort, of home -embrace it.

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