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in love

I am in love – that total infatuation that happens when one finds oneself head-over-heels completely in love.

And this feeling is especially warm and wonderful when it’s a two-year-old grandson who has stolen your heart.

I have to say – we have so much in common.  I believe I am actually a two-year-old at heart.

We both love to read books out-loud, look for adventures, splash in puddles, find sticks (and then more sticks), be silly, run and chase, climb, laugh, pretend, sing songs, question, talk.

We found our special place to share – under a weeping willow tree – a magical spot in itself, with its cascade of leafy branches hanging down.  It’s a perfect tree for “peek-a-boo hiding, a perfect spot to stop, and remember.

Probably the best thing about spending time with a two-year-old is totally responding to the moment, to the “now” that is his world.

And then when one offers you a hand – a lovely two-year-old hand – to hold and take you someplace, anyplace together – who could help but fall in love.

Thank you, Theo – for a special week together.

And now – back to my grown-up world.


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