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a family read-aloud

Dusting my bookshelves at home this weekend, my eyes rested on a favorite book by Patricia Polacco called Thunder Cake.  I removed it from the shelf and took a seat on the staircase nearby and began reading  –  (a bad or good habit I have when dusting – depending on  who you ask!)

I love this story and I love the books by Patricia Polacco.   She is a prolific writer/illustrator who has many books that I consider family treasures.

Often parents ask me how is it possible to find books that can be read aloud to children of different ages that they will all enjoy.

I think the books of Patricia Polacco fill the bill.

First of all, they are full of wonderful illustrations that invite you into the story, and keep you there until the very end.  The stories themselves are both personable and relatable – about families, siblings, grandparents, school – stories that entertain and reflect humor, compassion, courage, conflict, fears,love and genuine warmth.

And if you think “too preachy” – I’d say not at all.  To me, they are just what our children might be looking for in today’s speedy world.

For when stories make us laugh, feel sad, happy, courageous, empowered, wide-eyed – and encourage conversation – you know they are special.

So if you are unfamiliar with this author, check her out on-line.  Her books cover many real-life subjects, so read through the descriptions first.  They are perfect for elementary school-aged children and preschoolers together, as well as for me!

For there’s nothing quite like a good family read- aloud to bring us together and fill the chilly November evenings ahead.

Okay – back to finish my dusting.


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