in our family

“In our family, we …” that’s a good place to start I think when faced with our children’s questions, fears and anxieties about today’s social climate.

“In our family, we …” do what?

Have you voiced and modeled what your family values are -had the conversation of how your family acts and treats all people, even those different from you  – in simple terms – in kind terms, that even the youngest somehow comprehends?

Because so much of how our children respond and what they believe comes from watching how we, as parents, act and believe. It is this trust in their family model that makes children behave the way they do with each other.

And so as parents, we step up, right?  And we find our better selves, – and we share our better selves, our wiser and kinder selves – with the people we encounter in our lives.And our children will be watching – are watching – and modeling what they see, and what they hear.

A simple question to share with our children when faced with making the right decision – whether it’s to say something, to do something, to join in on something is  “Is it kind?”

Three simple words that all of us can use – can rely on as a measure of our behavior within our families, in our schools, in the wider community.

“Is it kind?”



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