Friday, December 2nd, was National Adoption Day.  I saw a clip on the national news showing many families as they stood before the judge declaring to him that “yes – we want to be a family!”

Wow! It was quite beautiful to see – especially the school-age children and teens who were visibly moved to tears, realizing that they were wanted, that they truly and legally belonged.

And then, locally I came across a drive to collect items for young people aging out of the foster care system, children really, who were not lucky enough to get a “forever family”.  These young people, when they turn 18-years-old, many of them still in high school, are on their own.  And their need for personal items to support their daily living is high.

On the other hand- in the international  news almost daily – families and children, homeless, orphaned, wounded, starving, fleeing from their homes in Aleppo, Syria – fleeing the bombings and the lack of home, food and supplies.

And I was filled with such emotion at these stories – and I realized at this time of year of consumerism, over-eating, and other indulgences too many to cite – how fortunate I am, and the awesome responsibility of this good fortune.

I realize I can’t try and change all the ills in the world, but I can be grateful for what I do have – share what I do have –  reach out and be kind, generous, loving, mindful of the needs and the pain of others.

Because that’s the true holiday spirit anyway, isn’t it?

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