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make new friends

I believe I’ve said this before – in another year – perhaps another season – but this past Friday Play Shoppers’ visit with our senior resident friends at Bethany St. Joseph’s Care Center was awesome – and it filled my heart with joy.

There’s nothing more magical than seeing these little people, the youngest among us, be able to greet the oldest among us – generously handing out holiday cards and singing songs.

As parents we are very conscientious about getting our children around other children the same age so they can be socialized.  But if we want our children to be truly socialized and to be able to relate, be comfortable and accept people different than themselves, we need to widen the circle from an early age.

I think one of my favorite pictures of our 2-year-old grandson is Theo sitting next to his mom’s grandma – Theo’s great grandma –  who he calls GG – both of them sharing in an animated conversation with each other.   Ninety years between them but no matter – friends!

So – I think this is the perfect season for reaching out and meeting the older folks who live in our neighborhoods – shovel sidewalks, bring them pictures that the children have colored, make some cookies to deliver, check in on them when you’re off to the supermarket to see if they need something, or just share friendly waves as you pass by.

Take that first step – for it’s often that very  first overture that will open a rich and rewarding friendship for you and your family.






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