a- rat- a-tat- tat

First it was the wooden needles two-year-old Theo found while exploring upstairs in my knitting supplies stash.  And once a boy has wooden knitting needles that look like drumsticks – one needs a drum.

But what to use for a drum?

Fortunately, there happened to be an empty, red, heavy-duty Folgers coffee container available and it turned out to be the perfect drum, except …  it was too difficult to play, holding a “drumstick” in each  hand plus a drum – especially when one wants to march in a “parade”.

So – the next solution -carefully put one hole in each side of the “drum”.  Thread an extra-long black shoelace through the holes.  Slip over head so container rests comfortably in front of child.  Pick up your “drumsticks” and there you have it – a favorite toy of one particular toddler at my house this Christmas.

Okay – I rest my case – for what I believe and know to be true- often the best-loved toys originate from the stuff we have in our homes – real things that can become whatever the moment calls for.

Drum roll … please –

For this New Year of 2017, I wish you and your family many simple joys (and toys) and many more creative moments together.

A- rat- a tat- tat!

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