Take action

I’ve thought about this many times over the years – my personal concept of a “revolving door” at The Parenting Place.

It’s about parents and families coming to The Parenting Place for classes, or one-on-ones, or Play Shoppes, or Parent Connections or fun nights.

And then they come back – again and again – every week for some – whenever a question or concern comes up for others – when the need is there.

But sometimes participants come back – through this “revolving door” –   to give back – to participate in a different way, as volunteers, supporters, some in their new roles in the community, a few even as new hired staff members, and sometimes as eager young people who want to problem solve for us.

And that’s what happened on Thursday afternoon when four young Girl Scouts arrived to find out about The Parenting Place and how they might be of assistance.

One of these young girls was Laura. She is ten-years-old.  The first time Laura went through The Parenting Place “revolving door” was when she was 2 weeks old coming to Play Shoppe with her mom and her older brother. And Laura has been to The Parenting Place many times since participating in programs, assisting and observing her mom play an active role here.

These four junior Girl Scouts informed me that they are working toward the Bronze Award – the highest honor a junior Girl Scout can achieve.

To earn this Bronze Award, they need to complete a “take action” project I was told.

And so they listened – and asked questions.  They informed me that they were not here to be assistants – they were here to problem solve (thus the questions they posed and the thoughtful responses they shared) – to take action on a need and figure out a way to meet it.

And when they left and I went back to my desk, I sat there – reflecting for a few minutes on these four serious, industrious, eager young girls -these  young citizens –

and believing in my concept of the “revolving door” even more.

Stay tuned to see how these young girls take action!


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