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sharing our hearts

It does seem unusual that the coldest time of our calendar year lends itself so warmly to a day that celebrates the life and work of Martin Luther King.

For on this January day, it is not necessarily a history lesson that is called for – but, instead an acknowledgement – a commitment – to be more attentive, receptive, helpful, friendly, sharing, actively aware, and open to others different than ourselves.

It can be so simple – especially in a city like La Crosse where there are so many organizations reaching out to those in need for us to offer to help, to volunteer, to support – or as I’ve said many times before in my blogs, in our very own neighborhoods – to notice, to invite, to share.

For as parents, our most important task is to offer our children the vision and the mindset and the appreciation of the diversity that makes up our wide world, our communities.

We know children are watching us and taking their cues from us – how we interact with those who appear different from us, who have a disability, who speak another language, who dress differently, who have a different skin color, who have different customs, eat different foods.

So we say hi.  We include, we learn about each other, we become friends, we laugh together, and our circle, our understanding, our acceptance grows larger – naturally.

On Tuesday, February 14th, The Parenting Place is holding a family night – Sharing Our Hearts – at The Parenting Place from 6-7:30 pm.  What better day than Valentine’s Day to help our hearts grow a little bigger, our minds stretch,our circle widen, as we playfully explore through art activities, stories, music and refreshments how much alike we really are, while celebrating our uniqueness.

Registration is required and limited. Early registration (like now) is highly recommended.  All family members are invited.  Call 784-8125 to register.




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