time to hum

Last week I “hung out” in the children’s room at The Parenting Place with a young boy whose mom was in a parenting class in another room.

It was the end of a long day for both of us but I was prepared for my second wind.

I discovered pretty quickly, however, that would not be necessary.

This lively 6-year-old boy entered with a grin and quite a bit of excess energy to spend, which he did by “lying” on one of the big wooden trucks we have and using his feet and hands, zoomed back and forth the length of the two rooms. He ran up and down the small slide we have -jumping off versus sliding down. This physical outburst lasted for about six-eight minutes.

I’m glad I didn’t interfere with this exuberance or try to redirect him . I believe this activity must have satisfied his initial overwhelm to this big open space he had to himself because he stopped – and then the magic began.

This young boy quietly and slowly moved through the room, doing puzzles, reading books, softly aloud to himself, pretending with dinosaurs, lost in his thoughts at the dollhouse, building with blocks, all the time accompanied by a quiet humming.

So, I sat back not wanting, for even a second, to interfere with the space this boy had found for himself.  He did not need my attention, my suggestions, questions or input.  He was in his own flow.

He had found his bliss – and I got to bask in its loveliness.

When I told his mom later what I had observed, she was so relieved – and grateful.  Her son had had a challenging day at school and she didn’t quite know how he would be in the playroom that evening.

She asked me what I did.  I assured her I did nothing – nothing but respect his time to be alone.

We all need this time – to find our personal flow – whether its for ten minutes or an hour, that we can be quiet in our thoughts, that we retreat within. Look for a time this might happen for you, for  your child – a few moments without demands, questions, expectations.

It helps us unwind, it helps us breathe, it helps us revive, it helps us know ourselves.

It helps us find the time to hum.

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