Love is in the air – right?  Valentines Day often gives even the least expressive of us in the bunch the opportunity to say “I care” with a valentine card, a chocolate heart, a rose to those important in our lives.

I’ve always loved it – from the time I was a child – from the time before there was so much commercial hype.

But I haven’t allowed that to interfere with the simplicity of the day.  Because its the perfect time to acknowledge the neighbor who lives alone, your great-aunt who has outlived all her friends, children in your child’s class that may not receive a valentine, the senior lady at the check-out that always has a smile.

For I believe that even the most cynical among us will cave to a crooked cut-out heart given to them by a wide-eyed child – or an unexpected chocolate kiss dropped in the hands of anyone.

Love is in the air – help spread it!

Happy Valentines Day, my friends!



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