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a different way to dance

I believe there are some impressions from childhood that will last – that will emerge from the subconscious maybe even at times into adulthood.

That’s what I think might have happened at Sharing Our Hearts fun night right here at The Parenting Place last week.

Derek, a dad who uses a wheelchair – told us his story – showed us his “tricks” – said he loves to dance but can’t because his legs don’t work – except watch this – he can make his wheel chair dance – and dance he did!

And then whoever wanted to independently have a turn at climbing into the wheel chair and turning the big wheels to make it go – could – and did.

This is what I was hoping for during this Sharing Our Hearts night – that we might understand a little bit more, appreciate our differences – and joyfully embrace them.

Thank you, Derek for sharing and showing us how.

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