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One day you’re sure glorious Spring is here -and  the next day it’s cold, windy, muddy, snowy –  definitely messy.

Yikes – what’s going on?

Sometimes as parents we feel this way too – about our children’s emotions.  Just when we’re convinced that our now conversational toddler, independent preschooler, settled grade- school child understands everything, a huge storm occurs.

Yikes – what’s going on?

We try to fix it, to stop it, but it only makes things worse.  Because just like an approaching  severe weather system has to run its course, before the blue sky and sunshine reappear, so it can go with our child’s emotional struggle.

And so we acknowledge that our child is upset, disappointed, furious.  We wait – and “hunker down”nearby –  until the fury is gone.

And then we can connect once again.  The storm can rage, can even seem ferociously fierce at times. But as parents, its helpful to know  – to understand -that our children are still working on building their self-regulation – that they are not giving us a difficult time on purpose, they’re having a difficult time themselves.

As best we can, we need to remember to try and remain always “bigger, stronger, wiser and kind“.

For that’s what our children need from us most – in all kinds of weather.

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