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a different lens

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself on Friday afternoon when I picked up my new eye glasses.  Wow – such a small change in my prescription, yet everything seemed so much clearer and in focus.

It was just the day before in the Protective Factors’ training at The Parenting Place that Parent Educator Barb Hopkins emphasized “utilizing a different lens” – looking at families through a different lens – focusing on what’s strong, not what’s wrong.

At The Parenting Place, that is exactly what we’ve always believed – and practice.

Yet for each of us as parents, what an excellent, helpful suggestion for our own families. Imagine  paying attention to a child’s strengths – to a spouse/partner’s strengths.  Imagine what it’s like when someone pays attention, mentions, notices your own strengths.

We can do this simply by focusing on what’s right, what’s working.

That’s what made me chuckle as I walked out with my new eye glasses on – 20/20 vision, clear and focused – seeing through my new lens. Wow – I had really taken this strength -based theory to a new high – Barb would be so happy.

And my family – and yours – looks pretty darn special.

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