Toddler behavior – it’s universal.  We all know that.  It’s spontaneous, unaffected, determined, and sometimes very unexpected. And it often happens when you are on an important phone call.

So – that’s exactly what went viral on the news and web this past weekend when a political science professor was being interviewed on Skype in his at- home -study, by a BBC commentator concerning the impeachment of the South Korean president.

This was serious stuff – until it wasn’t.  The interview had begun – but oops – serious or not – toddler #1 enters into the room and  dances right in on Dad.  Dad clumsily attempts to move her out of the way of the camera,  but she’s not going anywhere.

Then toddler #2 speeds on into the room in his walker to enter the fray.  By then the professor is speechless – and helpless – and all the while the camera is rolling.

But enter super mom to the rescue – sliding on in to the room, hitting the floor to try and avoid the camera, and furtively snatching the two young children by their clothing and pulling them out the door, as we then view her arm once again reappear to close the door behind her.

What a hilarious performance!

The interview then continued but not before entertaining every parent who has a toddler or two in their home. – and delivering some comedic relief just when we might need it.

For no matter how prepared, how important the occasion, toddlers have a way, a charming way I believe, of helping all of us not take ourselves too seriously.





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