April Fools

This year – this week in fact – April Fool’s Day will be on a Saturday.  Perfect!

And why you might wonder does that fall into the “perfect” zone?

Well for most of us , Saturdays are a bit more laid back, slower – we don’t have to rush off to daycare, school, or work.  And so – there’s time to maybe be a little silly, maybe have some fun family shenanigans on April Fool’s Day.

For just as much as consistent routines, good sleep, and healthy meals are important in family life, laughing and being silly with our children lowers stress, creates togetherness, and makes connections that clear the air and unifies us.

You’ve all heard of comic relief, right?  Well initiating zany pranks with our children can offer exactly that.

Waking the family up and saying “hurry up – we all overslept.  We have to get moving fast!” was one that I remember my mom doing to us on April Fool’s Day – and we fell for it each time.

Hang pictures upside down, set the table in a weird way, freeze milk and cereal in a bowl overnight for a tricky breakfast reaction.  Only you know what will “get” your family.

Put your minds together and let the kids come up with how to fool Dad, or Grandma, or the next-door-neighbor.  Make it a tradition in your house.

April Fool’s Day – a day you get to be mischievously clever!

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