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Saturday morning I happened to glance out my front windows, then stopped what I was doing to stand and watch what was to me a simple but most charming moment.

A young boy about five years old was walking along on the curb, arms outstretched and wavering, carefully balancing himself, as his mom walked along nearby in the street.

When they reached the corner, he hopped off the curb, playfully catching up with his mom, taking her hand, and swinging their arms, they crossed the street together.  Then once again, he let her hand go and returned to his task at hand – perfecting his balance.

This was a moment that I could sense, and I bet this mom and her little boy felt too, that all seemed right in their world.

For that’s what balance is all about.  And all through our lives, we try to find the right balance for ourselves, our children, our families.  It takes practice – a few slips here and there  – before we start to trust our judgements, our choices for the way our families live, work, and play together.

This young boy, seeking his own personal balance and connection, had found it for sure that morning as he proudly walked the curb on his own, and then again, as he trustingly reached out to his mom’s ready hand.

A perfect balance of exploration and security  for a young boy on a sunny Saturday morning.

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