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did I just say that?

Has it happened to you?  As soon as the words come out of your mouth, you gasp a bit – and think – “oh my goodness  – I sound just like my mother, or my grandmother  or my dad!”

Sometimes it’s something we vowed we wouldn’t ever say to our child – that we would choose our own parenting words in our own new parenting style.  Yet in that moment our mother’s  words came out.

I think sometimes it takes becoming a parent to understand our own parents. We may have developed new ways of responding to our children different than our parents did with us. However, when that occasional phrase is spoken- or disciplinary action takes place – just think, this is a reminder of how my own parent felt with me.

Parenting is universal and the joys, celebrations, trials and tribulations are collective common experiences among us all.

It’s kind of a humbling revelation I think – one that brings us more understanding of our shared parenting experiences – and maybe even a little forgiveness.

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