Mothers’ Day –  it’s always a bit nostalgic for me.

I think about my mom, my mother-in-law, my grandma, all passed away now; my sisters and my friends who mothered with me when we had young children; all the moms I know and have worked with in my role as a Parent Educator; and now, my own special daughter-in-law, loving mom to a two- and- a- half- year- old and ready to give birth to their second child.

We can acknowledge how mothering has definitely changed over the years in so many many ways – but what always remains so powerful, I believe, is an intrinsic bond that weaves among moms of all generations.

For it is mothers who share such a special experience and understanding of  the joys and the pain, the demands and the gentle love, the fatigue and the exhilaration that each of us have known.

And so, I warmly remember and celebrate the mothers in my life- and encourage you to celebrate yourself!

Happy Mothers’ Day!



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