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Miss Nancy

Tuesday mornings at The Parenting Place is always a busy one.

Moms and dads, arriving for Parent Connection with their young children in tow – hang up their jackets and hats and enter the playroom, always heartily welcomed by Miss Nancy.

It’s been many years now that Miss Nancy has been with the children in the playroom on Tuesday mornings.  There have been too many children to count whose gentle separation from mom or dad has happened under Miss Nancy’s help and encouragement.

Doing childcare during Parent Connection, however, was not Nancy’s main job at The Parenting Place –  but it might have been her favorite.  Her real job was to instruct and support other childcare workers in La Crosse and surrounding counties to learn, understand, and value the significant work they do with children.

But … Tuesday mornings were hers – to get a fresh dose of young children’s energy, wit and spirit.

And Miss Nancy loved every minute!

Miss Nancy is retiring at the end of May and she will be dearly missed by everyone at The Parenting Place for her long-time commitment to The Parenting Place, her caring and appreciation of young children,  and her support and knowledge shared with caregivers over the years.

Miss Nancy – my long-time friend and co-worker –  Thank you!

You will be missed.

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