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Theo has a brother – Ezekiel Alexander – born May 30th – 9 lbs 10oz . He calls him Zeki – and is very gentle and sweet with him.

“Theo seems huge” said his dad.  And isn’t that the truth?  When we bring our infants home, even one as big as Zeke, our older child appears, in size, to have left toddlerhood behind and become a regular “kid” over night.

Except they haven’t.

And that’s why we still do cozy lap time and reading for our older child, look back at his baby pictures together,  give him warm eye contact when he’s speaking, and show how to –  and notice when –  he’s so kind and gentle with his little brother.

I have a tattered out- of- print picture book called Oonga Boonga which I love.  Baby Louise cries and cries and no one can soothe her – until her big brother comes home.  He says the magic words “Oonga Boonga” to her – and she stops crying – stares at him.  “Oonga Boonga” he says again, and she smiles.

All the adults are amazed and so when Baby Louise starts to cry again, they all say “Oonga Booga” to Louise – but to no avail.

When her brother returns, they tell him “Oonga Boonga” doesn’t work anymore.  So he kneels down close to her and whispers “Bunka Wunka, Louise” – and Baby Louise stopped crying and smiles.

So often with second, third and subsequent babies, it is their older sibling they look toward to be comforted, entertained, taught – with perhaps a few semi-rough edges in between.

I’m betting on Theo being that kind of brother.

Have fun, you two!


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