oh yes

You know the feeling.  It’s been a long day – a fun day – a day of “oh no’s” and “oh yeses”- and then the children are asleep, and there’s this lovely sense of peace that prevails.

That’s exactly where I’m at after such a very successful Children’s Festival on Saturday.  In spite of some rain (oh, no!), I believe everyone there had a wonderful time. (Oh yes!)

And now all of us at The Parenting Place are letting out our collective sighs as we put the Children’s Festival to bed for another year – and that lovely sense of peace prevails.

This year at the Children’s Festival, among all the children’s activities, we had something new – just for the adults.  It was a cafe with delicious coffee being served by our very own Parenting Place barista.

But there was a catch – you enjoyed your coffee by first agreeing to talk to a stranger – sitting together in the cafe and sharing a moment, discussing the question found on your coffee coasters. (Participants’ children were entertained at their own “cafe” nearby, giving their parents a fun break.)

Those who participated found this experience of meeting a new friend and actually sharing some personal thoughts and insights with her/him very special and surprisingly meaningful.

They loved it!

For when we reach out and extend ourselves to someone we don’t already know, we are challenging ourselves in the very best personal way.

And that’s what we hope our programs at The Parenting Place provide – a place where new friends meet, inspire, and support one another in our universal parenting journeys.

Join us on Monday, September 5th for our 1st Day of School Get Together from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM at The Parenting Place. The Children’s room will be open so bring your younger children to play while you enjoy treats, door prizes, conversation, coffee – of course – and hopefully even a new friend.

Oh yes!


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