It’s a fact

As parents, who hasn’t fantasized about the day we will have some free time – adult time – alone time – without children involved?

And then – the day arrives.  There’s a chance for just that very opportunity – and so it happens – and what do we do?  We miss them  immediately – worry about them, wonder how they are doing, feel sad.

It’s a fact!

And that’s just another part of being someone’s parent.

But, fortunately these emotional moments of concern are short-lived as our little ones and us adjust to the new separation and begin to enjoy it. Until, of course, the next rite-of-passage arrives. This week brought many of these emotions to the fore with children going off to school for the first time, parents sending children off to Middle School, High School, even College!

Here’s hoping that you realize that that lump in your throat, those misty eyes, that sinking feeling as you walk away means job well done, and that this rite of passage is not only for our children but also for ourselves.

In each one we move on, allowing our children their chance to be who they are without our watchful eye, knowing that the loving bond between you runs freely and deep.


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