Daddy’s way

I love the way young children often interpret what we say to them.   Literal thinkers that they are, their sometimes Amelia Bedelia-ish response can be both genuinely funny and sensible.

Theo  often gets to be hands on in the kitchen and help when conditions are safe.  However, he was also reminded to stay out of Daddy’s way when Daddy was using sharp knives or handling very hot cooking pots.

“Stay out of Daddy’s way” was what this toddler was told in these circumstances.

One day when his mom was looking for something she couldn’t find, this little guy, just like most observant toddlers, spied it right away.  “There it is”, he said, “in Daddy’s Way” which meant it was over on the counter in the area where Daddy worked in the kitchen – and for him (and probably now the whole family) is known as “Daddy’s Way”.

Then there was the little girl who disrobed in the middle of a party because her scratchy party dress was “hurting her feelings”.  Or the young child who was scolded for leaning over the grape bowl at a neighbors outdoor party and biting off the grapes with her mouth because her mom had told her not to touch the food with her dirty hands.

I remember a young boy who burst into tears while at a preschool circle because the teacher sang that he “wore a red shirt, red shirt” when he insisted he didn’t wear a red shirt, he wore an outfit because that’s what his mommy called it.

There are so many amusing and endearing responses that our children give to us as they interpret and maneuver their world.  So, take the time, to listen and to appreciate their cleverness.

They are precious gems in our everyday lives.

Enjoy them, share them, remember them.




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