small treasures

So… today was one of those days for me.

I didn’t intend to “attack” my (what some might say) junk closet, but I was looking for something, and one thing led to another.

I  sorted, touched, admired, considered these treasures I’ve gathered- and almost everything I looked at was returned –  in a somewhat more organized manner –  behind the small closet-like doors of the antique buffet in our dining room.

All of these treasures are simple, but I feel certain any child coming across them, during some rainy day (kind of like me this afternoon) will be charmed –  and ready to imagine the rest of the day away.

And who would think –  in this beautiful old buffet –  one would find such treasures?

And how did they come to be?  One little treasure after another – tossed into this fantasy closet and quickly shut up before Tootsie got a chance to snatch a treasure for herself.

As other people build bank accounts (sorry!), or save family heirlooms for their grandchildren, I have tended a hideaway of small items to tickle any child’s imagination.

I know … I know – it’s all about simplicity now – and  I totally believe in simplicity.  I admire minimalists and – I actually do get rid of stuff we don’t need.

But these small treasures – no, not yet.


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