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Sweet Dreams

What happens before going to bed counts.

Preparing our mind and body  -to relax, to yield, to rest – is significant.

One lucky three-year-old’s Daddy lifts him up onto his shoulders, and together, they step outside to view the night sky – to look for his “meteor”,  to see the moon in its variable stages, to watch the stars twinkle, and maybe, one lucky evening, see a “shooting star”.

It’s only for a few minutes each night, but what a special recognition of the end of the day – and the beauty of the night for this Dad and his son.

I know a mom who put her three young daughters all in the bathtub together.  They splashed and laughed, scrubbed and played, got wrapped in warm towels, and opened the bathroom door to find the lights in their home were dimmed, the rooms quiet, and a few candles burned brightly as they walked to their bedroom.

In spite of these lovely images, however, and other cozy ways you may have to help prepare your children for a night’s rest, children often still call out for one more hug, a glass of water, another song, or “I have something very important to tell you“.

But I feel sure the shared bedtime routines you do with your child are never in vain.  They build trust, comfort, security and connections that aren’t just for this one night, or this one month, or this one stage – but for life.

It’s true.

Sweet Dreams!

If you are struggling with your child’s nightly routine and would like some ideas to smooth the way, give me a call at The Parenting Place – 784-8125 – to make a time to talk.

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