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When you start doubting your abilities to accomplish something to perfection and so stop doing it, it’s time for you to take another look.

A children’s book called “ISH” by Peter H. Reynolds will put a healthy new slant on showing you how.

In this charming story, a young boy loves to draw.  He draws everything he sees and feels.  But his big brother laughs at his drawings – and his joy in creating is dissolved.

Every picture he makes becomes a crumpled-up ball.

Except – his younger sister, unbeknownst to her brother, retrieves each picture, smooths it out, and hangs it on her bedroom wall – a gallery of her brother’s art.

When her brother discovers this, he immediately goes negative and says they don’t look perfect.  “That doesn’t look like a vase!”

His sister said, “But it does look vase-ISH!”  And it did – not a perfect vase, but definitely vase-ISH!

And as her brother looked at the pictures hanging on his sister’s wall, he had to agree.  The flowers were flower-ISH; the trees were tree-ISH.

Thinking ‘”ishly” allowed his creativity to flow

Don’t many of us spend too much time regretting that something we make, do, create – even love – isn’t perfect?

I love this idea of “ISH”.  What a wonderful sense of freedom it provides.  We can get out from under the yoke of always trying to be perfect.  We can try things.  We can become “perfect-ISH”.

Why not?

As parents, we are always trying to be perfect and are often despairing that we might just not make the mark.  I’d say, why not enjoy just parenting more – enjoy parenting – ISH – and begin to love every minute

Have fun – ISH!




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