percolating …

A daydeamy day – is it just me – or do others find themselves occasionally lost in thought?

Ironically, I think it sometimes happens for me when I have the most to do – especially the most planning to do.

Then my mind wanders to “maybe I should do” … or “oh, that’s a great idea” – or” I could do that too” or “oh, I love that”.

I guess it’s actually more percolating – bubbling and boiling with ideas and options before sorting out what is realistic, what works best.

It’s probably one of my favorite stages of any project or planning or decision making that I do.  One idea leads to another until a clear vision appears.

As parents, we could try this for our families, especially around the holidays.  There’s always so many invitations, activities, obligations to choose from .  And then we hear about another parent’s family tradition and wonder –“oh, should we do that too?”.

And heaven forbid – we go on Pinterest!

I like to think of this planning time as personal time, acknowledging what feels right to me – what feels like “enough”.

And when I finally reach that “enough” feeling, I know I’m satisfied.  I know it’s right.

Of course, everyone’s feeling of “what is enough” is very individual.  However, I know many parents I talk with feel overwhelmed with their choices and demands that today’s culture provides – and often insinuates are necessary.

This sorting out can be difficult and is different for everyone – but saying “no thanks”, crossing things off of your list, adding what you’d like, “feeling just right” about what’s left, “what’s enough”  is your personal privilege and pleasure to do – for real.



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